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vrijdag 14 september 2018

Young Chin Male 9 weeks is looking for new home!

Royal Emperor Casa del Lisa
Born 16-6-2018
Is looking for a great new home.

Father Cirman Family Mc. Donald. Mother Proud to Be of Special Lobo
Show Prospect.Breeder L.Poot
email casadellisa1974@gmail.com

vrijdag 23 maart 2018

vrijdag 16 maart 2018

Ortenauschau Offen berg Germany 10-3-2018

31. Internationale Rassehunde Ausstellung
Ortenauschau Offenburg 10.03.2018
Judge : Peter Machetanz (D)
7 Japan Chin entered

Junior Class male

Mar-Schi's Akito good 2
breeder & owner: Martina Schitnik

Simsalachin Cristobal Popstar exc.1 Jugd.CAC-VDH, Bester Jugendhund, BOS
breeder: Silvia Delicio, owner: Christiane Kraft

Between Class male
Robby Golden Army exc.1 VDH-Ch.Res.CACIB+CAC
breeder: A.Emelyanova, owner: Martina Schitnik

Junior Class bitches
Mar-Schi's Amy good 2
breeder & owner: Martina Schitnik

Melrose Banira exc.1 Jug.CAC- VDH
breeder & owner: Jörg u. Melanie Kolb

Between Class bitches

Melrose Ann-Susan exc.1 VDH Ch. Res.CACIB+CAC
breeder & owner: Jörg u. Melanie Kolb

Open Class bitches
Simsalachin Belle of the Ball, exc.1 VDH-Ch. CACIB CAC BOB*
breeder & owner: Silvia Delicio

Congratulations to all. and with thanks to Silvia Delicio for sending in the results.

Year Show December 2017 Germany

17. Dezember 2017 – German Speciality 

Jahressieger des IC  2017

17-12-2017  Breitungen Germany 

Judge Arne Schwarz.

Baby Class Male.
Proud Boy Gscinska Przystan
Very Promising 1
Breeder Owner . A.Zachrias.
 Melrose Bisbo
Very Promising 2
Breeder .M. Kolb, Owner  K. Hoffmann
 Mar-Schi’s Akito
Very Promising 3
Breeder - Owner  M. Schitnik

Junior Class Male.
 „Mophilie’s Buyu“
1 Excelent , JCAC, VDH-JCAC, BOB, Jgd.-Jahressgr. IC 
Breeder/Owner.: H.u. B. Pöhler
Between Class Male.
 Robby Golden Army
1 Excelent , CAC, VDH-CHA, Jahressgr.IC 
Breeder.A. Emelyanova,Owner .: M. Schitnik 
Vetran Bitch
“Chaneira Chinchinnetti”
1 Excelent Vetreran .-CAC
Breeder  E. Weber Owner : K. Hoffmann 

Junior Class Bitches.
Mar-Schi’s Amy
Very Promising 1
Breedr Owner : M. Schitnik

Junior Class Bitches.
Mayumi de la baie de Pompoul
1 Excelent Junior CAC. Junior Jahres Siegerin.
Breeder  P. u. S. le Rest, Owner : H.u.B. Pöhler

Champion Class Bitches.
1Excelent CAC  Jahres Siegerin 
Ch. Beauty od Dvou orechu
Breeder  O. Dolejsova, Owner :K. Hoffmann

Congratulations to all.

donderdag 18 januari 2018

6. Nationale Rassehundeausstellung Karlsruhe
Judge : Leo's Jancik -Cz-
5 Japan Chin entered

Male Baby Class
Mar-Schi's Akito 1 very prosmising
Breeder & Owner: Martina Schitnik

Male Junior Class
Simsalachin Cristobal Popstar, 1 Excelent
Breeder: Silvia D'Elicio, Besitzer: Christiane Kraft

Between Class Male
Robby Golden Army 1 Very Good
Breeder: A. Emelyanova, Owner: Martina Schitnik

Baby Class Bitches.
Mar-Schi's Amy, 1 Very Promising
Breeder & Owner: Martina Schitnik

Between Class Bitches.
Simsalachin Belle of the Ball, Exc. 1 CAC, VDH-Ch. BOB
Breeder & Owner : Silvia D'Elicio

73. InterNationale Rassehundeausstellung Karlsruhe 3-12-2017
Judge : Georg Walther -D-
6 Japan Chin entered

Male baby Class
Mar-Schi's Akito 1 very prosmising
Breeder & Owner : Martina Schitnik

Junior Class Male 
Simsalachin Cristobal Popstar, Exc. 1 Jgd.CAC VDH+Club BOS
Breeder: Silvia D'Elicio, Owner : Christiane Kraft

Between Class Male.
Robby Golden Army good 1
Breeder: A. Emelyanova, Owner : Martina Schitnik

Baby Class
Mar-Schi's Amy, 1 very promsing
Breeder & Owner : Martina Schitnik

Junior Class Bitches.

Nahla Aurelia Vendy Korsa verygood 1
Breeder: V. Zourkova, Owner : Silvia D'Elicio

Between Class Bitches.
Simsalachin Belle of the Ball, Exc. 1 CACIB, CAC, VDH-Ch. BOB
Breeder & Owner : Silvia D'Elicio

Winner Amsterdam 9-12-2017

Winner Amsterdam  CAC CACIB Show
6 Japan Chin enterd.
Judge D.Spruyt (BE)

Puppy Class
Chin Kingdom King Artur
1 Very Promising. Best Puppy
Breeder Morgunova Owner  K.Aster

Open Class Male
Enrico von Reifra
1 Excelent CAC CACIB  Best Male Winner 2017
Breeder R.Janssen Spits  Owner L.Poot

Chinart Takehiko

Junior Class Bitches.
Chiyo Chin's Pia Sakura

Between Class Bitches
Hin Satri Etsuko
1 Excelent CAC CACIB and BOB. Winster 2017
Breeder E.V.Schevchenko  Owner T.V.S.Scvherbakova

Champion Class Bitches.
1 Excelent res. CAC res CACIB
Breeder /Owner M.I.H.Tempelman..

Congratulations to all.