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woensdag 27 juni 2012

CAC Show Giesen Allendorf Germany

CAC Show Giesen Allendorf Germany.
Landessieger schau Hessen. 24-6-2012
9 Japan Chin Enterd. Judge I.Hess ( Germany)

Between Class Males.
Aikemuno Diamond.... ABSENT
James no Chasen  1 Excelent CAC Best Male and BOB.

Landes Sieger Hessen 2012
Breeder D.Goepel Owner R.Janssen Spits.
Open Class Males.
Simsalachin El Manolito 2 Excelent res CAC.
Breeder S.D'Elicio Owner A and R Matysik
Hataorihime no chin Anzu 3 Excelent
Breeder/Owner K.Herrebout Fujishige
Ch.Randalets Imperial Dragon
1 Excelent CAC.
Breeder W and M Schnarrenberger Owner R.Janssen Spits.

Junior Class Bitches
Simsalachin Lalibela Absent

Between Class Bitches.
Randalets American Beauty 1 Excelent CAC Best Bitch
Breeder W and M Schnarrenberger Owner R.Janssen Spits

Champion Class Bitches
Asahi von Reifra 1 Very Good Breeder/Owner R.Janssen Spits.

Open Class Bitches.
Simsalachin  Hanami Suzumiya 1 Very Good
Breeder/Owner S.D'Elicio.

CACIB Show Outdoor Uden.

CACIB Show Uden.  24-6-2012
3 Japan Chins  enterd.
Judge R.Reyniers(B)

Junior Class Male
Chinart Tada Musoko CAC Junior CAC  Best Male BOB
Breeder P.van Baaren-Grob Owner M.I.H.Tempelman
Junior Class Bitches.
Chinart Masayme res CAC. Breeder P.van Baaren Grob
Owner M.Valgaeren.
Open Class Bitches.
Chinart Alexandra Alexsandrovna  CAC CACIB Best Bitch
Breeder P.van Baaren-Grob Owner M.I.H.Tempelman

vrijdag 15 juni 2012

Dutch Veteran Champion

Dutch Veteran Champion.
Dutch-Internat.Ch.Casanova von Reifra
German/VDH/Belgian/Slovenian/Austria Champion.
And much more small titles.
Breeder/Owner R.Janssen Spits.

Dutch Junior Champion

Dutch Junior Champion
Honiahaka at Kingsoak
(CH Bugaku do Castelo de Alfaia x CH Chnart Anna Pavlovna)
Owner/Breeder Mady Jochems

CACIB Show Erfurt

CACIB Show Erfurt  10-6-2012

Judge Roberto Schil(ROM)
5 Japan Chin Enterd
Between Class Male
James no Chasen 1 Excelent CAC CACIB and  BOB

With this point Club Sieger. Landes Sieger Thuringen 2012
Breeder D.Goepel Owner R.Janssen Spits
Hataorihime No Chin Anzu 2 Excelent res CAC and res.CACIB
Breeder/Owner  K Herrebout Fujishige 
Open Class Male
Randalets Imperial Dragon 1 Excelent CAC Breeder W and M Schnarrenberger
 Owner R.Janssen Spits
Hataorihime No Chin Azami 2 Excelent res. CAC Breeder/Owner K Herrebout Fujishige
Between Class Bitches.
Randalets American Beauty  1Excelent CAC CACIB
With this points Club Sieger and Landes Siegerin  Thuringen 2012

CAC Show Mol Belgian.

CAC Show Mol (Belgian)
Judge V.Klucniece (LT)
2 Japan Chins Enterd.
Champion Class Male
Andre Prazak S.Chin  1 Excelent CAC-BOB  Breeder J.Prazak Owner Dickhardt Luepertz.
Champion Class Bitches.
Randalets  Oriental Miyoko  1 Very Good. Breeder W and M Schnarrenberger
Owner A.Bordewijk.

CACIB Show Tilburg.

Sunday 10-6-2012 CACIB SHOW Tilburg

Judge H.Hilverda Enterd 4 Japan Chin
Junior Class Male
Haniahaka at Kingsoak 1 Excelent Junior CAC-CAC and BOB.
Breeder/Owner M.J.J.Jochems
Junior Class Bitches.
Chinart Masayme  2 Excelent res CAC Breeder.P.J.van Baaren-Grob  Owner M.Valgaeren
Omikudzi Manan Magnifique 1 Excelent Junior  CAC -CAC Best  Bitch
And with this point Dutch Junior Champion.
Breeder N and E Shilovy  Owner M.J.J.Jochems
Open Class Bitches.
Chinart Alexandra Aleksandrovna 1 Excelent CACIB
Breeder J.P.van Baaren  Grob Owner I.Tempelman.
Congratulations to all.
BOB and BOS.
Owner M.J.J.Jochems.

dinsdag 12 juni 2012

CAC Show Erfurt

CAC Show Erfurt 9-6-2012
Judge George Schogol (Geo)
5 Japan Chins enterd.

Male dog between Class
James No Chasen. Breeder D.Goepel Owner R.Janssen Spits 1 Excelent  CAC
Hataorihime No Chin Anzu  Breeder/Owner  K.Herrebout Fujishige  2 Very Good

Male dog Open Class
Randalets Imperial Dragon. NO PLACEMENT
Hatohorime No Chin Azami Breeder Owner/Owner K.Herrebout Fujishige 2 Very good.

Bitch Between Class
 Randalets American Beauty  Breeder W and M Schnarrenberger 1Exclent CAC BOB.
Best of Breed Randalets American Beauty.

CACIB Show Neumunster.

CACIB Show Neumunster 2-6-2012
Judge Karin Voye Germany
7 Japan Chins Enterd.

We do not have the results yet.
We hope to get it in soon.

Male Open Class
Rosehaeven's Chico
Rosehaeven's Makoto CACIB BOB.

Male Beteween Class
Roseheaven's Malta Consientia 2 Excelent res.CAC.
Randalet's Diamant 1 Excelent CAC.  Owner Renate Struckmeier

Rude Junior Class
Wiro Akwamaryn
Bitches Open Class
Rosehaeven's San Zanna
Roseheaven Asami

Male dog looking for new home.

Ad the kennel of Blackness Stars
Lovely young male is looking for new home. born  16-5-2012
Fahter Multi Ch. Randalets Kaika Nippon  Mother Jadzia van Ardiga.
For information patricia.gerrits@pandora.be.

New in the kennel of Hataorihime no Chin

Hataorihime No Chin is proud to anounce the two new chins.

Hataorihime No Chin Biwa. born 3-1-2012
Randalets Asuko born 16-1-2012

I am sure we will see them soon on show.