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woensdag 31 december 2014

Happy Healthy and Good 2015

  All the best Wishes for 2015.

donderdag 25 december 2014

Christmas greetings.

Open Christmas Show Hagelande Belgian.

Open Christmas Show
Hagelande Belgian. 20-12-2014

Judge D.Spruyt.
2 Japan Chin enterd.

Junior Class Bitches.
Quirin od Dvou Orechu
1 point.
Breeder O.Dolejsova Owner R.Janssen Spits.

Veteran Class Bitches.
Multi Ch. Oriental Witch von Reifra.
1 point
Best of Breed.
Breeder/Owner R.Janssen Spits.

CAC IB Show Wychen NL.

Christmas Show Wychen
Judge J.P.Dekker (nl)
5 Japan Chin enterd.

Junior Class Bitches.
Roseheaven's Lemon Disco Queen
2 Excelent
Breeder G.Hojer Owner B.J.Jurgens.

1 Excelent res. CAC. junior CAC
Breeder /Owner  M.I.H.Tempelman

Between Class Bitches.

1 Excelent CAC -CACIB Best Bitch and BOB.
Breeder/Owner  M.I.H.Tempelman

Open Class Bitches.
Asia Princes Akwamayn.
1 Excelent
Breeder  J.Kasprazak Owner B.J.Jurgens.

Veteran Class Bitches.

Oriental Witch von Reifra
 Veteran point.
Now also Dutch Veteran Champion
Breeder/Owner R.Janssen Spits.

vrijdag 19 december 2014

Jahres Sieger Germany 2014

Jahres Sieger Show Germany

14 Japan Chin enterd.
Judge  G.Walther. (Germany)

Junior Class Male
Mikokami Yosuke Stibrny drak
1Very Good
Breeder A.Dvorakova Owner Horst and  B.Pohler.

Between Class Male
Ethan von Reifra
1 Excelent CAC Best Male Jahres Sieger  2014
Breeder/Owner R.Janssen Spits.

Champion Class Male
Ch. Wiro Akwamaryn
2 Excelent
Breeder D.KasprzaK Owner .K.Kruger.

Multi. Ch. Randalets Imperial Dragon
1 Excelent CAC.
Breeder W.Schnarrenberger Owner R.Janssen Spits.

Open Class Male.
Hataorihime no chin Biwa

Junior Class Bitches.
Roseheaven's Lemon Momoko
Breeder. G.Hojer Owner Horst and B. Pholer

Hataoribimie no Chin Chibiki
2 Very Good
Breeder/Ower . K. Herrebout Fujishige

Quirin od Dvou Orechu
1 Excelent Junior CAC. Jugend Jahres Sieger  2014
Breeder O. Dolejsova. Owner R.Janssen Spits.

Between Class Bitches.
Zlotovlaska Pearl Sibiri
1 Excelent CAC
Breeder  T Swetlakowas Owner R.Kruger.

Champion Class Bitches.
Multi Ch. Randalets American Beauty
1 Excelent CAC
Breeder .W.Schnarrenberger Owner R.Janssen Spits.

Open Class Bitches.
Misak vom Ohmgebirge
1 Excelent CAC Best Bitch BOB Jahres Siegerin  2014

Breeder M. Weber Owner Horst and K.Kruger

Daichi of Red.
3 Excelent
Breeder ..........Owner M.Schitnik

Randalets Asuka
2 Excelent
Breeder M.Schnarrenberger Owner K. Herrebout  Fujishige

Cirman Family Natasha
4 Excelent
Breeder. S. Briski Cirman Owner R.Janssen Spits.

Was again a very nice show and all congratulations with there year title.

Winner Show Amsterdam 13-12-2014

Winner Show Amsterdam 13-12-'14
3 Japan Chin enterd.
Judge  Dagmar Klein ( RO)
Junior Class Bitches.

 1Excelent  ,  CAC , Best Bitch , Best Junior , BOB, Junior /Winster'14, Winster '14. Crufts Qualification
                                              Owner /Breeder. M.I.H.Tempelman.
2 Excelent res. CAC. junior CAC
Breeder /Owner  M.I.H.Tempelman                                             

Open Class Male.
"Matisse"  1 Very Good Breeder Owner  M. Baldaccini.


Thanks to M.I.H.Tempelman for sending in the results .

vrijdag 12 december 2014

Amsterdam Holland Cup 2014

Amsterdam Holland Cup
Judge James Newman (Eire)
1 Japan Chin enterd.

Junior Class Bitches.
1 Excelent Junior CAC.,CAC Best Junior Best Bitch  BOB.

Benelux Veteran Champion 2014

Benelux Veteran Champion
to see more visit www.von-reifra.com

woensdag 10 december 2014

Brussel Dog Show 6-12-2014

Brussel Dog Show  6-12-2014

Judge E.Eng. ( Norway)
6 Japan Chin enterd.
2 absent.

Junior Class Male
TIki Sweetheart

Champion Class Male
Ch. Honiahaka at Kingsoak
1 Excelent CAC CACIB Best Male BOB
Brussel Winner
Benelux winner and also Benelux Champion
Breeder/Owner  M.Jochems

Ginko Des Cigales Vaunageoles.

Junior Class Bitches.
2 Very Good
Breeder/Owner .M.I.H.Tempelman

Rosehaven's Lemon Disco Queen
1 Excelent Junior CAC. 
Benelux Junior Winster  BE-Brussel Junior WinsterAlso Benelux Junior Champion
Breeder  G.Hojer Owner B.Jurgens.

Open Class Bitches.
Chinart Chiyo Ki Onna
1 Excelent Best Bitch. 
Brussel Winster -Benelux Winster
and also Benelux Champion.
Breeder. P. van Baaren Owner M.Valgaeren.

Congratulations to all.thanks to B.Jurgens. for sending in the results.