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maandag 24 september 2012

CAC Show Gosen ..second day.

CAC Show Gosen 23-9-2012 Germany
Judge G.Kostopoulus (GR)
Enterd 4 Japan Chins.

Champion Class Male.
Ch.Jesse's Agent Provocateur  1 Excelent CAC Best Male BOB.
Breeder /Owner A.S.Jesse.
Open Class Male
Jimmy no Chasen 1 Very Good Breeder D.Goepel Owner C.Hildesheim
Jesse's Foo Fighter.2 Very Good Breeder A.S.Jesse Owner Lothar u Rosi Schwartz
Open Class Bitches.
Jesse's First Lady  1Excelent CAC Best Bitch  Breeder Owner A.S.Jesse.

With thanks to D.Goepel fur sending those results.

CAC Show Gosen Germany

CAC Show Gosen  22-9-2012 Germany
Judge Zofia Konderia (PL)
2 Japan Chin enterd.

Open Class Male.
Jimmy no Chasen 1 Excelent CAC Best Male Best of Breed
Breeder. D.Goepel Owner C.Hildesheim
Open Class Bitches.
Jesse's Estella Rubia 1 Excelent CAC Best Bitch
Breeder / Owner A.S.Jesse

Dutch Speciality 15-9-2012

Dutch Speciality 15-9-2012 Pekingees en Dwergspanielclub.
Judge Dr.Robert Blumel   7 Japan Chin enterd.

Baby Class Males.
Don Flack from Moony's Faith Very Promising Breeder/Owner E.J.P.Eeftens.
Champion Class Males.
Multi Ch.Randalets Kaika Nippon 1 Excelent CAC Best Male.
Breeder W and M Schnarrenberger. Owner R.Janssen Spits.
Open Class Bitches.
Ch.Asahi von Reifra 1 Very Good. Breeder. /Owner R.Janssen Spits.
Chinart Alexandra Aleksandrova Breeder P.J.van Baaren Grob Owner M.I.H.Tempelman
Junior Class Bitches.
Numuch from Moony's Faith 1Excelent res CAC. Breeder/Owner E.J.P.Eeftens.
Champion Class Bitches.
Nikkori Shimo Japanese Chins 2 Very Good Breeder  A.Helmes  en J.Eeftens-Nieuwdorp
Ch.Randalets American Beauty 1 Excelent CAC BOB. Clubwinner 2012
Breeder W en M. Schnarrenberger Owner R.Janssen Spits.

dinsdag 11 september 2012

CAC Show Alkmaar NL

CAC Show Alkmaar 8-9-2012
Judge P.Prins.
Enterd 1 Japan Chin.
Open Class Bitches.
Chinart Alexandra Alexsandrovna CAC BOB.
Breeder P.van Baaren-Grob Owner M.I.H.Tempelman
She is now also Dutch Champion.

CACIB Show Giesen(Germany)

CACIB Show Giesen 2-9-2012 Germany
Judge I.Hess
Enterd 3 Japan Chins.
Open Class Male.
James No Chasen 1 Excelent CAC CACIB
Breeder.D.Goepel Owner R.Janssen Spits.
Junior Class Bitches.
Cirman Family Lotty  ABSENT
Between Class Bitches
Ch.Randalets American Beauty CAC CACIB BOB.
Breeder W and M Schnarrenberger. Owner R.Janssen Spits.

donderdag 6 september 2012

CACIB Show Luxembourg 2012

CACIB SHOW Luxembourg.1-9- 2012.
Judge Sonia Pagani (Italy)
9 Japan Chin Enterd.

Champion Class Males
Hachiro van Kiritanaka 2 Excelent res CAC
Breeder M.Wollschlager Owner J.Duwe
Zenco del Fior did Pesco 1 Excelent  CAC RES CACIB
Breeder/Owner M.Piovano

Between  Class Males.
Aki del Fiordid Pesco 2 Excelent
Breeder M.Piovano Owner A.Vacca
Grand Moghol Empereur du Terikomi 1Excelent CAC
Breeder/Owner F.H.Marcinkowski

Open Class Males
Hin Satori Almazniy  1 Excelent CAC CACIB Best Male and BOB.
Breeder E.Shevchko Owner Maria Zapatero Kozhevnikova

Champion Class  Bitches
Silverbjorkens Zora 1Excelent CAC res CACIB.
Breeder m.Fornkvist Owner F.H.Marcinkowski

Between Class Bitches
Graine au Ven d'Orient du Terikomi 1 Excelent CAC CACIB Best Bitch.
Breeder/Owner F.H.Marcinkowski

Open Class Bitches
Hinsatori Prekrasnaja Princesse 1 Excelent res CAC
Breeder H.Shevchenko Owner J.Duwe.
Siloverbjorkens Jonita 1 Excelent CAC
Breeder M.Vernkvist Owner F.H.Marcinkowski.

With thanks to J.Duwe for the information.