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dinsdag 19 januari 2016

New Champion.

German Champion.Ethan von Reifra.
 Did finish ad 13-12-2015.
Breeder/Owner R.Janssen Spits.

CAC CACIB Show Hoogstraten .. Turnhout 19-1-2016

CAC CACIB Show Hoogstraten .. Turnhout  19-1-2016
4 Japan Chin enterd.
Judge Taulus TIna (FI)

Junior Class Male.
Tsukiyamas Nachiro

Omikudzie Goritsvet
1 Excelent Junior CAC Best Junior 
Best Male
Breeder.    Owner M.Ongena.

Puppy Class Bitches
Oryana of Blackness Stars.
Best Pup
Breeder/ Owner P. Gerrits.

Between Class Bitches.
Nerysse of Blackness Stars.
1 Excelent CAC CACIB BOB
Best Bitch 
Breeder/.Owner P. Gerrits.