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woensdag 8 oktober 2014

4-10-2014 Ijsselshow Zwolle CAC CACIB

CACIB Show Ijsselshow Zwolle NL
Judge P.van Baaren Grob
4 Japan Chin enterd.
Male Puppy Class.
Japanell's Big Bang Theory (DK
Very Promising
Owner J.Tribler

Junior Class Bitches.
Mitsuko (NL) 
Breeder/Owner   M.I.H. Tempelman

 1 Excelent Junior CAC. res CAC.
Now also Dutch Junior Champion on demand.
Between Class Bitches.
Butterfly be Blessed at Kingsoak (NL) 

 .1Excelent . CAC. CACIB. BOB. 
8 placement ad group 9
Breeder  Owner . M.J.J. Jochems.

Champion Class Bitches.
Japanell's Amazing Alicia (DK)
1 Excelent res.CACIB.
Owner. M.Mortensen.

With thanks to M.I.H.Tempelman for sending in the results.

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