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woensdag 12 november 2014

CAC CACIB Show Karlsruhe 8-11-2014

08-11-2014 Judge Mev E Clerc   Switzerland
9 Japan Chin enterd.
Champion Class Male
81 Vanistica Kenzo VDH/Jch2955 Geb27-03-2009 VHomerbrent Kandai M Vanistica Tsukinowa Breeder P&l Engeland Owner   R Matysik   1 Excelent   CAC  Best  male  CACIB  BOB
                                                ad the lefd. BOS  ad the right BOB
Open Class Male
82 Hataorihime no Chin Biwa NHSB2865708 Geb 03-01-2012 V Nohbodu vo Reifra M Randalets Sumire Breeder/Owner   K Herrebout Fujishige   1 Excelent  CAC res CACIB
Junior Class Bitches.
83 Hataorihime No Chin Chibiki NHSB2942313 Geb 24-10-2013 V Hataorihime no Chin Biwa M Randalets Asuka Breeder Owner  K Herrebout Fujishige 1 Excelent   Anw VDH Bjeugd
84Simsalachin Rosibelle  JCh 3085 Geb 20-06-2013 V Igorek Buddhuv Chin Ch Simsalachin Bamboocha Breeder Owner  Silvia DÉlicio
Between Class Bitches.
85 Amantra Maemi  KC-AQ1534103 Geb 27-02-2013 Midwood Manacor at Yama M Amantra Mai Breeder  Di&Tracy Fry  Owner Jorg&Melany Kolb  1 Excelent CAC CACIB Best Bitch.
Champion Class Bitches.
86 LionheartMi Hangaku Gozen  ZC445019  Geb 06-02-2012 V Misanga JP  Kumuwa M Lady-Nellyn Zhibui Inba  Breeder Owner  Gail Fortsythe   1`Excelent  Anw VDH
87 Chinart Masayame NHSB2824050 Geb 28-12-2010 V Homerbrent Oshitsu no of Pamonil M Homerbrent Yasumi Breeder  P Van BaarenOwner  M Valgaren  2 Excelent
Open Class Bitches.
88 Chinart Chiyo Ki Onna NHSB 2899063 Geb 02-10-2012 V Hinsatory Russkiy Vitjaz M Homerbrent Yasumi Breeder  P Van Baaren  Owner  M Valgaren 2 Excelent
89 Randalets Asuka NHSB2882994 geb 17-01-2012 v Randalets Miracles do Happen M Randalets too times a lady Breeder  M Schnarrenberger Ower  K Herrebout Fujishige    1 Excelent  Anw VDH

With thanks to C.Herrebout for sending in the results
Thanks to  Silvia DÉlicio for sending in the photos.

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