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woensdag 30 september 2015

Speciality Show. Pejatoyspa Belgian 2015

Speciality Show Pejatoysap Belgian.
Sorry just got the results in.

Judge D.Degryze.Belgian.
14 Japan Chin enterd.

I  got only dog names owner and results.

Chiyo-chins Nihongo Koibito
1 Enough
 Breeder. Owner M. Valgaeren.

Chiyo-Chins Nihongo Koyojin
2 Enough
Breeder Owner M. Valgaeren.

Nyoko Of Blackness Stars.
Breeder P. Gerrits
Owner . Verbuchelen Tinneveld.

Nishiko Of Blackness Stars.
Breeder. P. Gerrits Owner  M. Wasieleweski.
1 Very Good.

Linjato Yoshirou
Breeder...... Owner M. Valgaeren.
1 ExcelentCAC

Yama Yoshua
Owner F. and H. Marcinkowskt

Chiyo -chins Nihongo Yami
1 Enough
Breeder Owner M..Valgaeren.

Nerysse Of Blackness Stars.
1 Very Good
Breeder Owner P.Gerrits.

Naomif of Blackness Stars
Breeder Owner P.Gerrits.

Ciyo-chins Noboyuki
Breeder Owner. M. Valgaeren.

Nikita of Blackness Stars.

Not Enough
Breeder Owner P.Gerrits.

Chin Kingdom Blumarine
Owner .M. Ongena

Graine Au vVen D'Orient Du Terikomi.
2 Excelent  RES. CAC.
Breeder/Owner. F and H. Marcinkowski

Chinart Chiyo Ki Onna
1 Excelent CAC BOB
Breeder. P. van Baaren Owner. M. Valgaeren.

Thanks to M. Krause for sending in the results.

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